Have you ever had a bad Escort dating experience? I have and I wish to share it with you today. You see, there was a time when mobile phone didn’t all have electronic cameras integrated. In reality there was a time when video cameras utilized to utilize movie. That being the case not many people online had photos to share. So when you started talking with someone the very first question you asked was “a/s/l?” which represented: “age … sex … location?” This was a great way to begin talking to someone, but it left the concern of exactly what do you appear like to mystery. So later on you needed to say “describe yourself?” Well the girl I had actually been talking with explained herself as appearing like Sydney from the popular show “Melrose Place” Sydney was an extremely attractive red head. I figured if she looked anything like Sydney I was in luck. Ends up she looked nothing like Sydney, other than that she had red hair. It was an awful date. Not just because she wasn’t stunning, but because she lied about so much about herself. Nobody likes a liar.

Well, I have a bad and good dating Experience with Escorts one from London Escorts and One from Las Vegas Escorts, you may not know but I love to travel a lot so there I was travelling from London to Las Vegas and vice versa

The Good Thing was from London Escorts, I dated this lovely girl from London Escorts and we did this

A walk along the Thames from Southbank

We start with a quick walk to see the London Eye and Westminster Bridge. Follow the Southbank Walk through to London Bridge, seeing many of the primary websites of London. There are likewise dining establishments, cafes and bars to stop at in Southbank, Gabriel’s Wharf and at London Bridge.

We took in a West End show and pre-theatre meal

Look online for great offers for a West End show of your option. Many websites will use supper and show plans combining with West End show with a regional dining establishment for food. Additionally a walk around Covent Garden or Soho to see the pre-theatre meal offers by lots of restaurants. If you are searching for more affordable tickets, remember to take a look at the tkts cubicle in Leicester Square for real offers, or try lastminute.com also.

And Finally about this Tantric Massage

Many people searching for a tantric massage discover that it is puzzling to see a lot of sites appearing when they Google for the term ‘Tantric Massage’ – which a number of these websites are not that different from escort sites … with photos of naked or topless appeals who ought to probably be in Playboy Magazine.

When I was in Vegas I know many would agree that Vegas is more lively than London, TRUE

But there is a hidden consequence to that, unless you are a super rich guy, you won’t enjoy dating escorts in Las Vegas if you don’t have plenty of money. Why? Because Las Vegas is a gambling city and you will be hooked to gambling than spending a date with Vegas Escorts, and if you are unlucky and you will lose at gambling your budget for your escort date would be cut off and with that money you are getting a low class escorts


So all in all for me dating in London is still the best especially if you are really looking for intimate connection

I know most men will debate that girls in Las Vegas are sexier than in London, and I will tell you frankly mate, you are wrong! Yes for sure Las Vegas girls have sexy dress compared to London girls but don’t judge a book by its cover, because once you see the total sexiness of London Escorts girls you will be left in awe! I can personally guarantee you that since I’ve been flying to Vegas and London for quite some time already